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I've been called an egoist today. By my lovely little neighbour that I go shopping with every thursday. First things first. I live what you can call a "connected" life. I almost always have my phone with me, my PC runs approx. 10 hours a day, I have E-mail, Skype, MSN and LJ. Now, when I go cycling I can use the peace and quiet that I so desperately need so I leave my phone home.

This I told my neighbour during a conversation and she finds me "egoistic" because gramps or she can call and I'm not reachable. Bare with me: when my grandfather got hit by a car, his neighbour called me three (!) days after he got hit that he was in the hospital. Gramps isn't the fastest man anymore.

Now, my neighbour has the audacity of accusing ME, yes ME, of the fact that my grandfathers neighbour could reach me only after 3 days. While I had NOTHING to do with that!

Anyway, after her accusing me of that, the fuses in my brain that hadn't been blown did finally and I got very angry. I left her talking to somebody down below, got in the elevator, pushed every button so she would have to wait a bit more, then went home.

Three minutes later: DING DONG! Neighbour at the door, laughing hysterically. My neckhair, if I still had them, rose up, told her to go away, she went laughing "no no" and then I did it. SLAMmed the door in her face and yelled at her at the top of my lungs to GET THE F*** AWAY from me.

Man man man, I have done that before and she came asking me for an appology and I did that. WHAT was I thinking. I hope she stays away now.
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    Happy Birthday kittybird! *gives you a big hug* Greetz, Barney

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