August 7th, 2011

Some Second Life friends need help

Second Life makes a good part of my life, but now the owners of the sim I live in are facing some difficulties. Probably like most major sims, but I really like these people, so I promised them to send out this message:

"Okay. In a twist of irony--just when things I've waited for SL to fix, are slowly being fixed--Mitch is being placed on furlow for a short time without RL pay. We have to admit we can not hold on to Adelebsen by ourselves.

I will send a notice to our subscribo group. So no one can say "we wish we'd known" We need 500L donations from 75 people. Each month through October!

If we are funded by the 13th we'll go on to the next month. If not the 20th will be the end.

Thank you for all your friendships :)"

The sim is called Adelebsen Isle. It's a PG-rated shoppingsim. This is the website:

The sim can be found her

There will be tipjars on the sim where you can donate some L$.
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